Copperfields Nursery

Caring for children since 1987

Parent Information

Joining Copperfields

Registration and Admissions – We welcome families from all areas of the community. A waiting list is operated on a first come first served basis, however siblings of existing families maybe given preference. When registering at Copperfields we require a £25.00 administration fee and the first months fees are payable in advance.

Starting at Copperfields – When your child starts you will be given a nursery bag. We ask that you provide us with spare clothing which you don’t mind getting messy (we require more changes whilst your child is potty training as during this time lots of accidents may occur). If your child stays for lunch we ask you to provide a toothbrush. Comforters may be brought into nursery, however we ask toys to be kept to a minimum as this can cause distress and upset if they get lost or broken. Please could you ensure that any personal belongings/clothes are clearly labelled with your child’s name. We provide disposable nappies but we ask you to supply wipes and any creams you wish to be applied.

We utilise our outdoor learning environment all year round therefore we ask you to provide wet weather clothing or sun hats and sun cream depending on the weather. Inside all staff and children wear slippers so we ask you to supply a pair of indoor shoes/slippers for your child.

Settling in at nursery – It is our policy that all children should complete a settling in period before they start their sessions. This helps them to form secure attachments and get to know the routines of the nursery. These sessions normally last for two weeks starting with short visits of approximately one hour building up to a full session. Settling in can be flexible and is agreed with the key person. There is no cost for the settling in period. During this time we like to gain as much information and knowledge about your child so we can help them settle quickly and easily

Key Person – Every child is assigned a key person before they start at nursery. This allows the child to form a secure attachment therefore supporting their development. The key person will help the child settle into the nursery and build relationships with them and their family. The key person will work in partnership with the child and family to ensure all their needs are met.


Food and drink

Our cook provides a nutritious, varied menu to ensure the children receive healthy, balanced meals and snacks during their time at Copperfields. All food is freshly prepared onsite daily. We cater for any specific dietary requirements or food allergies. Fresh water is available at all times for the children. Water bottles are provided for the older children and age appropriate cups for the younger ones.


We ask that you provide all food and drink for babies until they reach their first birthday.

Special Education Needs and Disability

We welcome all children and work inline with the SEND Code of Practice (DfE, 2014). For our SEN and Disability information please ask for more information. We have a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who works in partnership with the key person and you to ensure all your child’s needs are met.

Our SEN and Disability information

Policies and Procedures

Copperfields has a number of policies which staff and parents are required to read and agree to. They are reviewed regularly and we welcome any contributions from all involved at the setting. The policies are available at all times, the folder can be found in the downstairs lobby.

Safeguarding and Welfare

Child Protection

At Copperfields we consider the welfare and well being of all children with utmost importance. We take all necessary precaution to ensure each individual stays safe and well. All staff undertake child protection training as part of their induction and we have a robust safeguarding policy. We have a lead child protection officer who overseas any issues. Should we have any concerns it is our duty to inform appropriate persons and we follow guidelines laid out by the Local Safeguarding Children Board.


We have a strict confidentiality policy which all staff adhere to. This includes the use of social networking sites, mobile phones and the use of cameras.

Behavior Management

We have a behavior management policy that encourages positive behavior through reward and praise, at an age appropriate style for the development stage of each child. This is reviewed regularly and agreed with all staff and parents. Should we have any concerns regarding behavior we will endeavor to work with you to provide consistency and continuity for your child.

Health and Safety

At Copperfields we have a health and safety officer who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of health and safety. They attend regular training to ensure they keep up to date and review all our risk assessments  regularly.

Fire Safety

A risk assessment is carried out annually and regular fire drills take place to ensure all staff and children are fully aware of the fire procedure.


All staff undertake pediatric first aid training whilst employed at Copperfields. All accidents are recorded and you will be asked to sign a form when you collect your child. Should your child have any existing injuries, we may ask you to complete a form stating the circumstances.

Administering Medicines

If your child requires medication administering whilst at nursery we are happy to do so provided we have you written authorisation. We would be happy to undertake any necessary training should this be required. To help protect all the staff and children at the nursery, we ask you to consider whether or not your child is well enough to attend.